Our Mission

Starberrykids fills a niche in which we care for the caregiver and for the child.  Our innovative products were created to simplify dressing our medically challenged children.

Our unique undershirt features a flap that opens and closes easily, allowing easy access to the g- tube portal.  This enables quick checks, easy cleanup and dressing, and alleviates the  discomfort that a traditional undershirt may create.  Our products are made from a very soft woven cotton that will feel comfy on the kids and we feature fun patterns and clean whites as well as some graphic ones to suit your mood.

Our undershirts can be worn alone, or matched with a pair of shorts to complete an outfit.We make it easy to keep the kids looking cute while feeling comfortable and content.Once you dress your kids in the StarberryKids undershirt, you'll have one question for us, "how did we manage till now?"