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Tips From the Fashion Guru

I kind of became the go-to person for g-tube related questions, specializing in how to dress our tubies so that they look fashionable while feeling comfy. It's like I'm a guru in the fashion industry in my specialized niche.  I can probably make a small fortune if I were to charge for my services.  So listen up, I'm dispensing advice from my fountain of knowledge.

Just like typically developing children, our tubies need onesies.  A onesie keeps them looking neat and keeps the pamper out of sight. I will not mention the benefits of the starberrykids g-tube onesie, because if you are reading this blog, then you probably are already familiar with our original onesie that really works. (Read our reviews on our product page.) Then on top of the onesie comes the pajamas or the clothing. 

When the kids are really little a one piece with snaps is best.  It stays neat and it is usually simple to change your baby's diaper by undoing the snaps. When you are dealing with a g-tube it is wise to buy the clothes that snap in the front.  Carter's has an affordable great selection.  If you don't mind spending more money on your baby's trousseau you can check out Jacadi. They have lovely onesies that also snap down the front.  Jacadi sometimes carries a snap-front onesie with a bit of a twist, it has two rows of snaps in the front.  That style is a fantastic match to our feeding tube onesie, as you can unsnap either side of the onesie, and that takes you directly to the flap on our onesie.  That particular stretchie is now 50% off so now is a GREAT opportunity to buy one.

Let me know if you buy the Jacadi stretchie, and if you like how it fits over the starberrykids onesie.

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