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❤ To Love and to be Loved ❤

Valentine's onesies are the best.  The cute red and pink hearts 💕 on a white onesie creates fresh excitement. 

Whenever we craft a new print or slogan for our onesies, we try to guesstimate how many we need per size.  Once the holiday comes and goes we are pretty much stuck with the extra merchandise, until next year, if we decide to rerun that particular design.  

The Valentine onesies are a pleasure.  There is no guesstimating, because anything we make, gets sold.  Hearts and love is not exclusive to February 14th.  We sell our "double heart" onesies all year.  We tried different designs for Valentine's Day.  We had a cute purple and pink "xoxo" design. We had a red "sweetheart" onesie.   But our customers cannot get enough of our "double heart" onesies. That is the one most  people order.

Expressions of love should be a daily habit.  Don't put it away for mid February. Dress your little one in our "double heart" onesie and see how fast the kisses and hugs come.

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