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It's the little things that make the difference.

Tube feeding a child can be overwhelming and draining.  At the beginning, I was feeling challenged by the experience.  Everything about it was difficult.  All of you in this situation know exactly what I am referring to, and all of you who are new to this experience, let me tell you, things do fall into place.

 There are some things that can lighten the load.  Little things. A little thing for me was just to change my little boy's formula.  The one that I was using at the beginning was a specialized one that is easier to digest than the typical baby formula, but it had a smell that I couldn't stomach, pardon the pun. Then I switched over to Neocate, and it made things easier.  My son wasn't suffering and neither was I.  Josh was handling the formula and so was I.

 This is not an endorsement or an advertisement for Neocate. It is just a tip that I, as a mother to a child on a g-tube, want to share with anyone who is in a similar situation and can benefit from the tip. 

Keep going....because every calorie counts.

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