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Save The Calculator For Math Class

At this point your child should be well adjusted to school and the school nurse should be completely comfortable with your child's feeding schedule. In the event of a substitute nurse please make sure to have clear instructions regarding your child's feed.  This should include the type of food that your child should be eating and an exact feeding schedule. If your child uses a feeding pump make sure that the rate and amount of food given should be clearly stated. Also make sure that if any medication needs to be given during school hours, the instructions should be very clear. It is a good idea that your child's teacher should also be familiar with his/her feeding schedule.  

Do everyone a favor and leave the math out of the way.  Leave clear instructions as per the time and amount of each feed.  Keep the calculator and mathematical equations for math class, and keep our nurses and teachers very well informed, because ultimately the clarity will benefit your child.  

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