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Something They Want, Something They Need, Something They Wear, Something They Read

I'm not sure if it's more exciting to be the giver or the recipient of the gift. I like getting gifts; I love giving gifts. Deciding what to buy stimulates my brain.  When I am at a birthday party and the birthday kid gets multiples of a gift, e.g. camp bags or books, everyone knows that I did not buy one of those.  I tend to stay away from generic gifts.  I spend a couple of minutes thinking about the person who will be getting the gift, and I buy my gift based on that person's uniqueness.  

This time of year delights me.  I am in my element. The basic rule to gift buying is "something they want, something they need, something they wear and something they read."  

So if you have a yummy kid on your gift list who happens to have a g-tube, then our unique onesie is a great choice.  It is something he will need and something he will wear.  If you desire to have the onesies packed nicely in a gift box we now offer that service for an additional fee.  You may reach out to us at and we can talk about the available options.

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