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The Best Treats Are not Candy

      This time every year the kids gear up for lots of treats.  In our household the day after Halloween is what we call "trade in day".  Our kids divide their loot into two piles:  one pile is for the less valuable treats, and the second pile is for what they deem VERY exciting.  Now comes the trade in.  We pay cash for their stash.  10 cents for each item in the first category, and $1.00 for each item in the second category.  We let them pick out five snacks to enjoy.

     Our family prepares for Halloween by taking a quick trip to the local Dollar Store and stocking up on non candy Halloween treats.  Some examples of our purchases this year include stickers, stamps, balloons, erasers, play doh, bouncing balls, slinkies, and pencils. We also have a choice of candy for the kids who prefer candy over prizes.  We do have a great variety of prizes for the kids who can not eat candy for various reasons, and for the kids who know that when they get home their candy may be confiscated by their health conscious parents.

     So however you choose to trick or treat, make sure to keep in mind the kids who cannot eat candy and have something exciting prepared for them.

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