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Show and Tell

Last week my six year old was chosen to bring in something for Show and Tell. Creative child that he is, he refused to take his favorite game, favorite book or even his exciting souvenirs from our summer trip to Vermont. He took a walk through our house to find something that would interest his classmates and deem him "cool". He decided to bring in a spare Mickey feeding tube and to explain how it works and why someone would need to have one. He really wanted his older brother to come along with him so that he can do a live demo, but we explained to him that his older brother belongs in his own classroom in school. 

His classmates learned lots of new terms that day.  Gastroenterologist, enteral feeding and acid reflux are three new things that the second graders picked up last Thursday.

He opened up a new world for his classmates, and the little girl who was chosen for Show and Tell this week brought in her sister's hearing aids. 

Grade One Rocks!

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