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Every Suggestion We Get is Taken Into Consideration

adaptive clothes feeding tube onesie

We are humbled and gratified by the thank you emails we get from our customers.  Since we sell a niche product we connect with our repeat customers.  We feel along with them as they travel on this journey that only people who traverse this path can understand.

Every email we get is taken into consideration.   For those of you who have suggestions on how to enhance our feeding tube onesie, rest assured we carefully weigh every suggestion.  Before production of new colors and patterns, we comb through our emails to try to give you what you want. When you said blues, we made blues.  When you said cars and trucks, we made our popular vehicle print.  When you said tie-dye, we tested many different colors and tie-dyes, to get a print that is popular for girls and for boys. And you were right, the tie-dye is flying off the shelves.  And of course, our most popular onesie is our tried and true solid white. There is something steady and neat about a clean white onesie.

For those of you who suggested hook and loop instead of snaps, we tried that as well.  The first prototype of our feeding tube onesie back in 2016 was made with hook and loop instead of snaps and it was a disaster.  It did not hold up well in the washing machine.  The hook and loop got stuck to different articles of clothing in the dryer and we needed to pull the clothing apart.  We know that our busy caretakers have enough to do without pulling clothing apart when laundering clothing. We also tried magnetic closures for the flap. That did work out pretty well.  However many medically challenged children don't do well with magnets, as the magnets can react to different medical apparatus. That brought us back to snaps.

The type of snaps we use are strong enough to keep the flap closed. We reinforce the fabric that is back to back with the snap so that it shouldn't rip when it is opened.  We do recommend that you keep a thumbnail under the snap when you open the flap the first few times the onesie is used, as the snaps are reinforced tightly and we don't want to rip the fabric.  The onesie is tested for durability and will hold up wear after wear, wash after wash, until your little one outgrows it.


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  • Becky on

    Hello Barbra and thanks for reaching out. Check out our new products. We now have great prints posted for sale, all the way up to size ten.

  • Barbra on

    When will the larger sizes come in fun colors or prints, not just boring white?Love the onsie but they all look the same
    waiting for the brights and happylook

  • Rae on

    Thank you for the larger sizes We have been waiting for this!
    Do they come in colors or prints?

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